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Keflavík Airport Area Strategic masterplan

K64 is a concept developed for and in conjunction with a comprehensive economic and spatial masterplan for the area around Keflavik International Airport, Iceland’s leading gateway to the rest of the world. K64 frames and narrates the story of the masterplan and the masterplan´s delivery programmes. The goal of K64 is to be a single voice for the various programs and projects that will emerge from the masterplan and used for marketing purposes on a national and international level as well.

The main substance of K64 is the Keflavik Airport Area Masterplan, a powerful planning vehicle which provides a set of measures for a coherent spatial and economic development approach for a key area in Iceland. The masterplan outlines the enormous potential to utilize the international airport as a bigger economic driver than is today, to benefit the surrounding Keflavik Airport Area (KAA), the Suðurnes region and possibly the country as a whole and in synergy with the Reykjavik Capital Area.

The initials K64 are a reference to Keflavik Airport and the Keflavik Airport Area´s latitude which is 64°00´N. The logo, the triangle, is a reference to the harmony between technology, nature and humanity.

K64 Summary
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