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Keflavík Airport Area Masterplan


A strong foundation for future delivery

The KAA masterplan is conceptualised as a multi-dimensional framework to achieve economic, social and environmental outcomes. It supports Iceland’s net-zero and sustainability ambitions as well as exemplifying the UN SDGs. The design concepts promote health and well-being, appropriate densities, active landscaping, combined with the latest technologies, to create a green, sustainable city region of the future.

Designed as an integrated masterplan combining transport, energy, industrial, commercial and social planning, it will diversify the local economy towards high value sectors supported by world class living and cultural spaces. The focus areas have strong synergies based on innovative circular economy concepts that will generate multiple and long-term benefits.

The masterplan is an ambitious plan and for successful implementation careful planning is required that guarantees the right ingredients for delivery. Key to this is a delivery vehicle that operates as a one-stop shop for investors and businesses, incubator for projects and a platform for ongoing collaboration with key stakeholders and the local community. The delivery vehicle also ensures realistic phasing of projects and carries out a marketing strategy that encompasses ethos and the promise the masterplan aims to deliver.