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Keflavík Airport Area Masterplan


The K64 brand

K64 is a brand that Kadeco developed in conjunction with the KAA Masterplan to frame and narrate the story of the masterplan and the masterplan´s delivery programs. The goal of the brand is to be iconic and unique, while also simple, flexible and engaging to create a strong dynamic inside and outside the project.

In developing the brand, local stakeholders were consulted and asked what the brand would need to incorporate. The result was that the brand would need to:

Develop and diversify business opportunities

Embody the essence of Iceland

Foster collaboration between stakeholders

Promote the local way of life

Be a beacon for sustainable growth

Improve mobility to maximise potential

Connect the world

The initials K64 are a reference to Keflavik Airport and the Keflavik Airport Area´s latitude which is 64°00´N. The logo, the triangle, is a reference to the harmony between technology, nature and humanity.

On this unique hotspot of activity something new arises, an energy, a community, a future. On the crossroads of the 64th parallel north and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, ideas will meet like nowhere else.