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Keflavík Airport Area Masterplan


Kadeco leads the implementation of the masterplan on behalf of its key stakeholders, namely the Icelandic state, Isavia, Reykjanesbær and Suðurnesjabær. The roles of Kadeco are multiple and will change over time as projects develop and materialise. As the main instigator of the masterplan, Kadeco will have to ensure projects executed under its banner adhere to its ethos and principles, especially UN SDGs and Iceland carbon neutral goals. The key roles that Kadeco carries are described below.

One-stop shop

Kadeco is a one-stop shop for investors and businesses (both international and national) that want to establish their operations in the area. This involves advising on planning and land use and ensuring best practices are followed.


Investment scout and program initiator

Through its marketing program and continuous engagement with the international and national business community, Kadeco leads the way in finding investors for the area. It will also be a project incubator and initiator in line with the masterplan’s recommendations.

Platform for collaboration and engagement

Kadeco will be a platform for collaboration and engagement for different entities - ensuring continuity and coordination. These can be stakeholders, strategic partners, institutions and local communities.

Marketing through the K64 brand

Kadeco leads the marketing of the KAA masterplan through the K64 brand. The K64 brand is the key tool used to communicate, both through narrative and visual imagery, the aspiration and goals of the KAA masterplan. It encompasses the ethos of the KAA masterplan, namely sustainability and open engagement with different audiences.