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Keflavík Airport Area Masterplan


The knowledge strategy builds on the Icelandic culture of innovation and strong commitment to education. It will showcase KAA as a benchmark for sustainable development innovation and creativity worldwide.

The strategy recognizes the advantage of a world class educational system and highly-skilled talent pool, supporting the development of an attractive ecosystem that fosters partnership and collaboration between trend-setting companies, local communities and existing premier Icelandic R&D institutions.

The location is ideal for developing knowledge, training and skills hubs to complement the target industries. These hubs will play a key role to diversify regional jobs to more high value sectors and reduce greater reliance on international workers. The location is particularly strategic for aviation related R&D and developing, testing, implementing circular economy technologies. An integrated industry and knowledge hub will make it more viable for investment in research to commercialization

The strategy is a key pillar of the masterplan to create the future engineers, scientists, technicians, managers and workers for the various industrial, commercial and infrastructural activities. This will create a sense of pride and achievement for the Icelandic and international community of people who will make this region their home.