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Keflavík Airport Area Masterplan


The Keflavik Airport Area (KAA) Masterplan provides a long-term strategic vision for the Keflavik Airport area by bringing together a strategic spatial framework combined with an economic program. The Keflavik Airport area is the home of Keflavik International Airport, the key entrance to Iceland, and the communities in its immediate vicinity, Reykjanesbær and Suðurnesjabær. The area is a mere 50 km from Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik and is a part of the Suðurnes region, a unique part of Iceland with a UNESCO Geopark status. The Suðurnes region has 31 thousand inhabitants and is a part of the Greater Reykjavik Area, a metropolitan area of roughly 310 thousand inhabitants.

The masterplan is the result of hard work, spanning several years, and collaboration amongst four key stakeholders; the two municipalities, the airport operator Isavia and the Ministry of Finance and Economic affairs. These four partners form the board of Kadeco – The Keflavik Airport Development Company – which was originally founded in 2006. Kadeco is a state-owned company that leads the work and is the one-stop shop for investors and developers that want to work in the area.

The driving force behind the plan is the joint understanding amongst the key stakeholders of the importance of collaborative approach towards a holistic strategy that builds on the strength of the region at the same time it addresses its challenges.

Guiding principles throughout the strategy are Iceland´s commitment to a carbon neutral future and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), innovation and green technology as well as strong collaboration with key stakeholders and engagement with local communities. The masterplan will be marketed under the K64 brand which was especially developed for that purpose. Visit